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Qurrent: Team


Role: Home Base

Philadelphia has one of the greatest music scenes in the world. we want to make it even Better. We do this by bringing Venues Artists and Patrons all together. We want Patrons to know about all of the small and medium sized events: ones which couldnt hold a huge marketing campaign We want artists to be able to connect to their fans and put on shows for a full audience who appreciate their craft We want venues to continue to put on shows and see profit from those shows and continue to make their hosting spaces better These are pretty lofty goals, but we love live music and we want everyone else who also loves live music to be there with us.

Muammar Johnson

Role: CEO/CTO, Founder

As a Drexel educated biomedical engineer, software engineer with Fortune 500 experience, and Naval veteran, Muammar Johnson is much more than the sum of his parts. Through his military experience, Muammar has developed the mindset necessary to accomplish each goal he sets, the perseverance to overcome any obstacles that may arise on the path to that goal and a level of integrity to be respected in any environment. In addition, Muammar posseses the adaptability necessary to effectively communicate with, lead, and optimize the output of small, multi talented teams.

As a software engineer, Muammar has development nationally/globally available apps available in various app stores, as well as provided high-level maintenance and advice on apps produced by developers. He also is experienced in the modification and updating of algorithms including nearest neighbor and sort.

Muammar is known to be an avid night-lifer in his free time, passionate patron of the arts, and bread baker who indulges in video games whenever he can make the time. With Qurrent, Muammar seeks to make a small ripple in the World as we know it. Always open to connect with interested individuals, feel free to contact the Qurrent CEO by email: His line is always open.

Maria Curb

Role: Co-Founder, Media and Marketing Officer

Raised with the small-town love and a big city vibe, Maria was born in Honolulu, HI. Growing up there, she found herself in musical and artistic scenes that continuously inspired her. In 2016, she packed her bags and headed for what she saw as an American music epicenter, not only for big gig concert venues and festival blowouts but also for the heart of the music that lies in grungy underground beer stacks and lively curbside performances on the Philly streets. An artist herself, she saw the beauty in the activism of expression and found herself immersed in the night-life and culture that she came for. She has always been geared though towards bringing people together with her entrepreneurship skills and her eye for design. She has been working towards graduating with her coordinated BFA from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and The University of Pennsylvania by the spring semester of 2021. As of now, her focus is on her art history and elected academics as well as earning her certificate in Leadership and Communication and Data Analytics from UPenn. For her first semester at UPenn she volunteered with Nancy Makale and Dana Leifert in fundraising for Dada Safarini, a club that strives to support and educate women in Kenya about menstrual health. In the summer of 2019 she worked primarily as lead media and marketing officer and cofounder of Qurrent with Muammar Johnson for their app, Qurrent, and has been working with Johnson ever since. On the side, she interviews business owners to write stories for the Vegetarian Society of South Jersey’s website page and is working on creating a Philadelphia chapter that offers group meetups to learn more about the plant-based lifestyle. Curb has also been exhibiting her art and curating galleries in the US for the past few years.